Information Delivered, Read & Understood.

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ZineINC | Communication Tool for Companies

Simple as email, yet allows to control information distribution, reception and levels of understanding.

Beautiful • Engaging • Personalized • Mobile

An effective antidote to information overload
and readers' poor attention to what's important.

Delivered > Read > Understood > Explained > Tested

Imagine you can quickly and easily distribute

get real-time feedback on who has read what and when,
and learn how well the message has actually got through.

This is exactly how ZineINC works

Unique set of communication channels is tailored

Channels' topics are chosen, channels' content editors and target audiences assigned.
Then, required understanding levels and corresponding features are activated.

We help you with your communication strategy and the design of your channels to make sure ZIneINC™ perfectly fits your needs.

  • Channel examples
    • Name:

      Price and Offer Updates

    • Descriptions:

      Information on changes in the offering

    • Editors:

      John Wright, Eve Minge (Sales Department)

    • Audiences:

      Sales Directors + Sales Reps + Resellers

    • Special Features:

      Read & Understood; Internal Helpdesk

    • Uptake required:

      Accepted • Clarified • Verified


Editors create and publish messages

Authors produce content in a simple - easy-as-email - online form,
schedule its publishing time, monitor and moderate readers' involvement.

Rich eye-pleasing messages can comprise virtually any multimedia elements,
various documents and direct links to external resources.


Readers receive their personalized ZineINC™ Magazine

Micro-publications are smartly portioned and automatically
assembled into a sleek magazine available on any computer or mobile device.

Magazines differ as people are subscribed to various
channels and ZineINC™ assemblage intelligence is driven by individual readers' behavior.


You get access to real-time trends and analytics

ZineINC™ communication patterns and trend forecasts
visualize the life of your organization as it actually happens.

Now you can see how information is spreading, how it is consumed,
what impact it has on readers and where is room for improvement.

The Five Levels of Information Transfer CERTAINTY

More details on levels, features, implementation and pricing


Approximate implementation time:
  • under 10 channels & audiences
    5 days
  • 10-50 channels & audiences
    9 days
  • 50-100 channels & audiences
    16 days
  • above 100 channels & audiences
    21 days
  • Saas model distribution* doesn't require any additional
    hardware or software and you don’t even have to
    bother your IT team.
  • All you need is a PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone
    with Internet connection.
  • With our consultants’ support and ready-made
    communication scripts you can be sure that ZineINC™
    implementation goes as smoothly as possible.
* ZineINC™ in-house installations are available on request

Security is our
top priority

ZineINC™ is used in banking, insurance and many other sectors particularly sensitive about data security.

A range of advanced mechanisms ensures the full privacy of transferred information. Our systems are regularly subject to audit by Clients and independent experts.

ZineINC™ brings life to intranets.

Clients' voices

“Nowadays, people want to have real-time access to information and to collaborate with the best. With ZineINC™ we ride the tide and radically alter the way we connect and engage our people and our customers.”

M. Noster - Training & Development Director, Alior Bank

„At Sandler we always look for cutting-edge, unconventional solutions. Our clients expect expertise, knowledge exchange and inspiration. With ZineINC™ we can give them all that in an attractive and handy form.”

B. Posmyk - Partner & Program Director, Sandler Training
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